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The Tower


Country: South Korea     Year: 2012     Genre: Drama

On Christmas Eve, in one of the most luxurious sky towers in Seoul, a party is going on. When the staff is checking the safety of the building they notice that the sprinklers don’t work. But the building owner ignores this warning and goes ahead with the planning of the Christmas party. After several hours a snow spraying helicopter crashes into the building that causes a huge fire. Many people are in danger and this may cost some lives.

Numbers, my opinion and a MDL review:

This movie is not well known; only approx. 500 MDL’ers watched this, where 24% scored this movie a 10, 24% a 9 and 26% a 8.

I loved how the movie was shot in different perspectives of the characters. It kept me on my toes and the whole movie was a thrilling ride. There were loads of special effects and I was afraid that those would be horrible, but they made it really realistic!

In one of the reviews MDL’er saaamannthaaa writes:

“This movie... where do I even begin... I forgot to breathe in so many parts! I was laughing and crying and just praying for dear life in this disaster film. ”

The Secret Reunion


Country: South Korea     Year: 2010     Genre: Thriller, Drama

There are many North Korean spies in Seoul; they live quietly until one gets their mission. And when one spy and an ex-NIS agent meet they form the most unlikely friendship. While discovering each other’s secrets and getting to know why the spy is actually here, they will find out that they have to work together in order to stay alive.

Numbers, my opinion and a MDL review:

Approx. 600 MDL’ers watched this movie and this number needs to rise! This movie is full of suspense and action. There is a great bromance going on in this movie and it can move you to tears!

In one of the reviews MDL’er Rachel.lam writes:

“The pacing of the movie is done very, very well. We are thrown right smack in the early stages of an operation, which escalates quickly. This quickly drew me into the movie and left me hungry to know what would happen next.”

The Man From Nowhere


Country: South Korea     Year: 2010     Genre: Action, Drama, Mature

Cha Tae-Sik is known as "ajusshi" in the neighborhood; he is quiet and he only talks to a little girl called So-Mi. After several events So-Mi is kidnapped and this quiet man changes into someone you don’t want to come across. But he isn’t only fighting them, but also the police and his own mysterious past during this time.

Numbers, my opinion and a MDL review:

A whopping 3500+ MDL’ers watched this movie! And 39% rated this movie a 10. No wonder it holds 8th place in the top movies on MDL!

If you haven’t watched this (who hasn’t???) you should watch this hands down. Stop everything  you're doing and watch this right now! You'll thank me later. This movie is thrilling, touching and so much more. It sucks you in and it will play with all your feelings.

In one of the reviews MDL’er palak writes:

“What a great plot! I was on the edge of my seat throughout the movie and the ending made me cry. Well, almost since I don't cry that easily.”

So which ones are you planning on checking out?

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