par nevermind, décembre 9, 2017

Reviews take a long time to read and an even longer time to write. It can be a bit much sometimes. To ease the burden for all of us, I've decided to give you 20 reviews that you can read in the time it would normally take for you to read one. So, in three sentences or less, here are 20 rapid-fire KDrama reviews.

Note: I will be making fun of dramas that I'm sure a lot of you love. I love a lot of them, too. This is meant to be funny, but I'll be expressing my opinions. If you disagree, be civil. Thank you. Spoilers for Moon Lovers.

Circle: The literal best thing since sliced bread. Yeo Jin Gu, everyone's favourite child-actor, grew up really well. Like... wow.

38 Task Force: Bad Guys, but with tax evasion.

Coffee Prince: A tomboy romances fluffy-haired Gong Yoo, causing him to experience an existential crisis. It reeks of 1995 but was actually made in 2007.

Boys Over Flowers: Lee Min Ho is rude to a poor girl (version 1.0), and he needs a flat iron.

City Hunter: Lee Min Ho is rude to a poor girl (version 2.0) but now he has guns.

I Remember You: A small girl who sometimes says her thoughts out loud falls in love with a psychopath and helps him track down two other psychopaths.

The Heirs: Lee Min Ho is rude to a poor girl (version 3.0) but this time, his weapon of choice is chairs rather than guns.

Matching! Boys Archery: A webtoon artist imagines a group of boys to be much gayer than they actually are. The two boys who might have actually been attracted to each other get no development in a show that lasts two whole hours. I'm not bitter... except I totally am.

Moon Lovers: Everyone dies. Everyone.

The Three Musketeers: It deserved better.

Goblin: Middle-part Gong Yoo pulls a Twilight and romances a girl hundreds of years younger than him. The Grim Reaper is significantly less scary than his name suggests.

To The Beautiful You: My first KDrama. It stars Minho before he was good and Sulli before she was in Real.

Kill Me, Heal Me: A funny, ridiculous romp that is sometimes silly to the point of being absurd and is still better than Hyde, Jekyll, Me.

Hyde, Jekyll, Me: Kill Me, Heal Me but worse. It has more commas and less Me.

Misaeng: An emotional, mostly well-written adventure through the saddest office ever built. It's fun to watch and has some of the best character development I've ever had the pleasure of watching. I want to keep Geu Rae safe in my pocket.

Descendants of the Sun: The romance is adorable, the action is heart-pounding, and Onew cries a lot.

Scholar Who Walks the Night: Wire Acrobatics: The Series.

Iljimae: A guy with too many names fights people and steals stuff. There's a vague romantic subplot, too, I guess.

Joseon Gunman: Bad Iljimae fanfiction.

Time Between Dog and Wolf: Lee Joon Gi desperately tries to make audiences forget that he's their favourite flower boy, Gong Gil.

I got a kick out of doing this. A lot of these dramas are some of my favourites, but I couldn't resist poking a little fun at them. After all, we all know that even the best KDramas can get a little wild sometimes. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. See you soon!

(I realize that some of these are more plot summaries than reviews. Hopefully, you can forgive me.)

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