- story revolves around college students life
- both have sweet romance and comedy elements in it
- Wu Jiayi is the female lead in both drama
Recommandé par Queen Qu Manting
The vibe of both dramas is pretty similar. They are both really relaxing, yet intriguing. I really liked the natural and calm vibe of “Crush”. Got the same feelings watching “The Science of Falling in Love”.
Recommandé par ShybabyTina
In both dramas similar things are :
Genius male lead,
Lab setting,
Recommandé par RANJ Asian Dramas
- female lead fell first
- traumatic past
- inventions, the talking robot (idk what's that called)
Two dramas have different tone but both are worth watching.
Recommandé par Queen Qu Manting
Similar stories:
- childhood friends
- science students
- university romance
- adorable cast with good chemistry
Recommandé par ShybabyTina
Both have a similar college romance vibe. The ML in both the dramas are more on the cold and detached side and are somewhat standoffish at first with the FL. The FL is very lively in both the drams and have a similar vibe.
Recommandé par Natasha
La Science de l'Amour (2023) poster



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