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Au cours des évènements de « l'incident du Bobble », élément déclencheur de vengeance ayant terminé dans le sang, Do Hyuk devint coupable et perdit la vie. Mais la réalité est tout autre, il n'est pas mort. Animé par une vengeance bouillonnante, Do Hyuk revient pour révéler la véritable identité de Matthew à tout le monde. Kang Ki Tak et l'assistante inconnue surnommée « Medusa » apparaissent pour l'aider. Matthew n'a pas l'intention de s'arrêter. Avec sa fausse identité, le monde entier est fou de lui. Il s'efforce d'être l'incarnation même de cette identité factice et de prendre le contrôle du groupe Sungchan, l'entreprise que son père a financée au prix de sa vie. Ce n'est qu'alors que sa vengeance sera complète. Les sept malfaiteurs associés vont maintenant se regrouper pour jouer le jeu de la vengeance qui a repris dans le désespoir. Certains chercheront à se venger, d'autres à obtenir du pouvoir, et d'autres encore dissimuleront leur véritable objectif dans un nouveau stratagème où ils se tromperont et se trahiront entre eux. Comment se termineront les destins des sept nés du mensonge ? (Source: Viki) Modifier la traduction

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  • Pays: South Korea
  • Catégorie: Drama
  • Épisodes: 16
  • Diffusé: mars 29, 2024 - mai 18, 2024
  • Diffusé Sur: Vendredi, Samedi
  • Station de diffusion initiale: SBS
  • Durée: 1 hr. 10 min.
  • Score: 7.6 (scored by 1,361 utilisateurs)
  • Classé: #4652
  • Popularité: #3164
  • Classification du contenu: 15+ - Teens 15 or older

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unterwegsimkoreanischenD Flower Award1
37 personnes ont trouvé cette critique utile
mai 28, 2024
16 épisodes vus sur 16
Complété 0
Globalement 8.5
Histoire 9.0
Acting/Cast 10
Musique 9.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 7.0
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Where it is particularly dark, even a tiny little bit of light appears immensely bright...

I ended my review about the first seasons with the conclusion: "I only recommend "The Escape of the Seven" if the mood is right - one that demands unfathomable beastliness down to the blood. If we get involved in this KDrama, then we will uncompromisingly be catapulted into a world in which a search for the good guys could very well be in vain..."

And obviously, things can always get even worse. At the same time, a wink of a conscience is actually making itself known here and there… very quietly, though. Regret and shame become concepts that are though stumbling trying to make themselves be heard. It's evidently not that easy, but maybe, who knows, it might not be impossible…

Still, the Seven can't easily get out of their skin. It´s way too serious what they had done and must be held accountable for. Even if they all go through their own processes and would perhaps like to choose a new path in some way (fortunately, people have the potential for healing and transformation), they can neither run away nor undo what has happened. In addition, they have made a pact with the devil... No matter which devil you get involved with, it rarely goes well...

The second season cleverly manages to build on the first one with fresh dynamics, while still giving the emotional rollercoaster ride a new direction. Sophisticated dramaturgical twists included. It's amazing to notice ourselves suddenly sympathizing with one or the other of the loathsome Seven...

In addition, the KDrama is vividly displaying the frighteningly diabolical (not too distant) future scenarios of our increasingly digitally depending information society, that in the worst case scenario, could become completely helpless in its interconnectedness...

Overall, I think “Escape of the Seven” is even winning with its second season. It offers a special KDrama experience that has it all - for all those who don't shy away from the abysm of the human species. And as is well known, where it is particularly dark, even a tiny little bit of light appears immensely bright...

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Il y a 8 jours
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Musique 10
Degrés de Re-visionnage 10
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7 Escape, aka. the wildest and craziest ride ever shown on Korean TV. Pure chaos from the start.

P.S: I added a spoiler mark when needed. Also, sorry in advance for the long read... I tried to make it helpful and informative in my own way but I also had a lot to say. I honestly could have made a whole analysis but this would turn into an essay full of spoilers, so... I hope my english isn't too weird, it's not my native language.

~ This review is destined to both seasons ~

Under are some reviews I recommend. My favorite reviewer on MDL even made a review for both seasons (the first two links), but because this drama is now my all-time favorite and will always be, I felt like I had to do my own. If you are looking for complaints please avoid my review, because I only got praises. (Season 1) (Season 2)
^ Spot-on headline : 'Where it is particularly dark, even a tiny little bit of light appears immensely bright...' (Season 1) (Season 2)
^ Another spot-on headline : 'Can't escape your sins' (Season 1)

To begin with, the initial concept of the drama is to bring together 7 villains : '7 evils, 7 sins, 7 condemnations'.
They are all heavily related to Da Mi, an innocent girl whose life turns into hell before she disappears from the world.
Bound together by life, or rather by death... The journey of the 7 begins.
The first episode is enough to decide if it's for you or not. While Penthouse may be fine for many, 7 Escape is something else.
In terms of social status, 7 Escape is already different. The characters aren't meant to be rich like in Penthouse, and it's not the same kind of very classy drama. Look at the posters, compare this ( to this ( and this ( to this ( It's obvious right?

Anyway, I want to clarify that your appreciation of Penthouse does not necessarily matter. Penthouse isn't a favorite of mine and my friend who watched 7 Escape with me (and loved it) didn't even get hooked to it.

I think there are different ways to enjoy 7 Escape : 1. You're like me, you find it epic (so you take it seriously). 2. You find it ridiculous but in a way that you enjoy it. 3. You like it because you wanted stress.
But overall, if it makes you feel sick or if you simply do not enjoy it, don't force yourself.

The title of the first season is War for Survival, the title of the second season is Resurrection.
This ID film is a really good one without showing any actual content from the drama and you should not miss it :
The special teaser if you want more :
And if it's not enough, to save you the hassle of searching by yourself...
Teaser 1 :
Teaser 2 :
Teaser 3 :

(Season 2)
ID film : - to not miss either.
Special teaser :
Teaser 1 :
Teaser 2 :
Teaser 3 :

I found a version of the opening not shown on Viki, probably only on TV, I would say keep it for like episode 8 (season 1) : - it's not necessary to see it but since I found it why not sharing.

Viki didn't include the opening of the second season so I'll give the link (it's crucial) : - the biblical and mythological references are just insane.
Maybe Viu included it but I don't have it in my country.

Also, please never skip the opening, especially in season 1, or else you won't get all the details. You can't understand everything about it from the start. But anyway, why would anyone skip such an epic opening?

Inspirational references for the concepts of the drama (official) : Dante's Divine Comedy, The Count of Monte-Cristo (7 Escape being a picaresque revenge), The Seven Deadly Sins (obviously, but from the synopsis on Viki it looks like they made their own take on it)

I feel like Kim Soon Ok might have taken inspiration from other pieces, such as for the island part and one thing in particular that the drama does which you may find funny (if not ridiculous) but it is actually epic. They start doing it in episode 13, if you know you'll recognize lol. The island part is the most nonsensical but also the best - just see it as an elaborate scheme you can't know the exact whole truth behind, maybe with some actual fantasy involved, and you'll be fine. You shouldn't even care, because let me tell you, this part is so mind-blowingly enjoyable. I started episode 5 pretty late and well, suffice to say I didn't stop until the end of it in episode 6. The amount of drugs they took was huge tho... (I mean the characters, but yeah you could think the people behind the drama too HAHA)

After all, remember that 'bloody revenge resembling a divine punishment' is part of the premise. They couldn't go full on fantasy because it's not one of the drama's genres, so they did what they could in the best possible way. It doesn't matter if it doesn't make much sense. Logically speaking, the whole thing isn't possible anyway (I doubt it's possible for all of them to get the same hallucinations at the same time). What matters to me is that the cast kept saying they had so much fun filming the island part, no wonder it's so much fun watching!

Oh right, let me add that all 33 people were related to Da Mi in some ways, even the ones not from Joo Hong Letters. I think it's pretty obvious and they didn't have to make a video about it, but it's pretty cool so I'll share it (to watch after episode 6) :

To make the immersion even better, think of it as happening in another universe (makjang universe let's say) and you will certainly be ready. Characters suddenly lose their brain cells? The world portrayed is horrible? Things don't make sense? Common sense disappears? It's normal there. Only then, everything will make sense, or rather crazy sense.

If the Seven main characters aren't your cup of tea, you will most likely not enjoy the drama, or not to its full extent at least. Believe me or not, I never hated them. I, actually, ADORE them. Even the worst. The drama has such a strong aura, but you either savour it or hate it.

Just gotta mention at least one moment, the end of the first episode, with the thunder and the diabolical paintings looking at her in the dark. Oh. My. God. This is what I call masterpiece. And then what happens after?! Man the toxicity was so good I was losing my mind. Then the next episode or maybe later I can't recall, when Ra Hee changes her attitude suddenly and the focus on her eyes? PLEASE. I barely could handle so much goodness. Absolutely mind-blowing.

It's so funny because this to me was an actual breath of fresh air and would rather be more like my comfort/healing drama than any romcom or actual healing drama. Lol. To each his own right? Plot twist, the drama was very cathartic at the end nonetheless.

7 Escape is, for me, a dream that I thought would never happen. Why? Because this is so niche, and the immense budget doesn't match. Unfortunately but not too surprisingly, it is now the most underrated drama to ever exist. As soon as the premise, the posters and the teasers were released, I was more excited than I have ever been over a drama. I managed to wait until Season 2 was out and finished because I absolutely had to binge-watch this. It is not at all because of Penthouse, but 7 Escape alone. Did I like Penthouse? Yes, but nowhere near my appreciation of 7 Escape, and it wasn't from the start unlike here (personal preferences, nothing against Penthouse). I thought of it as a gift, because after all, Penthouse and probably even The Last Empress must have gathered a lot of money, so it was deserved. Kim Soon Ok has become the screenwriter I respect the most, and I wish I could thank her in person. You know what we say? The most twisted writers are the most adorable ones. She is no exception. Extremely creative she is, even the most creative, but also extremely sensible and spiritual. I can only applaud the cast and crew because 7 Escape is so much more than 'just a drama'.

Speaking about the posters. I was going crazy over S1 posters already, but when S2 posters came out, HELLO?! This was the first time I actually SCREAMED over a poster.

You probably won't believe me while watching season 1, but season 2 had me in tears. You should be warned, S2 is less fun than S1 and more serious. It still feels fresh because of the new dynamics and more, such as the new main character for example. However, S2 is mostly for the people who genuinely care about the drama and its characters. Which explains again why it's so niche, and why the viewership ratings were even lower...

As expected, it was truly what you can call peak makjang. It goes beyond, it doesn't care. It really was my greatest viewing experience. Because of the nature of the drama, you immediately bid farewell to logic at the door. Yet... 7 Escape might be the biggest escape from reality, it is also the biggest return to reality. Actually, when you see some things that are happening today, you realize that reality is much worse. Anyway, you can call it dumb as much as you want because of the nature of the drama, it is not.

Chaotic yet intelligent, intense, dynamic, modern, futuristic and even dystopic, relevant, meaningful, complex, unconventional, brave, limitless, provocative, unpredictable, unique, original, memorable. To make it short: legendary. The production, the writing, the acting, it's amazing. There's just so much passion put into this drama. The writing might get some people frustrated because it is intended to be blurry, especially at the beginning, but it made it all the more intriguing for me. Expect the beginning to be particularly chaotic, there's a lot of characters and stuff going on. But that's also what makes it the greatest of makjangs. Besides, the out of the box storytelling (like the premise) only made me fall in love more with the drama. Discussing it with my friend really made me realize how brilliant the drama actually is. The story is so huge and complicated, I don't know how Kim Soon Ok wrote that but she did anyways. The pacing is also terrific.

Maybe you need to be crazy and sadistic to truly and fully enjoy this... I mean, I do feel bad for fictional characters, but here it's not the same and I can only say that I had a blast. I loved these villains from the start and the early episodes were already a delight to watch. If there's one drama I would like to experience again from the start, it's this one.

Considering what the drama is on the surface, and what it is beyond the surface, it is one hell of a masterpiece and obviously a solid 10 for me. As entertainment, it definitely serves, but it is much more. Like my favorite reviewer said, if you are not afraid of diving into the abysm of the human species, 7 Escape is right here for you.

There's something that K-netizens in particular should have benefited from the drama... You will realize what that is from the beginning already, as it is one of the main themes. It couldn't be more hilarious and ridiculous how some Koreans tried to file a complaint against the drama (not the first time, Penthouse and Lovely Runner experienced that too for example), only proving how insecure they are. Their society is not despicable because of such dramas, but because of the reality they are themselves causing, and the awful cancel culture. But I know it's not as simple as that, since they are to be pitied as well. South Korea is clearly not one of the healthiest places, and it shows with the suicide rate.

Sharing my comments from under KSO's page on MDL :



"InteAlls 2 months ago
World's best screenwriter

SunOh 2 months ago
YES. I'm currently watching 7escape and I love it so much. I don't care what anyone says. My friend didn't like Penthouse, but he is now obsessed over 7escape with me. I'm so happy. I wish I could thank her in person.

SunOh a month ago
Getting closer to the end, crying every episode... This is so beautiful. I am really in love with her works. Only a really good person can write this, despite how twisted.
First season was so much fun, it couldn't be more creative. But wow, how sensible, and truly human this story is, even if it is in a way many would refuse to understand.
We are excited to see the epic ending to this but at the same time afraid of the emptiness because of how deeply attached we are.
My friend might even give another chance to Penthouse, as he only watched 5 episodes.

SunOh a month ago
Finished... sincerely a masterpiece. What a poetic and peaceful ending. A strong, unconventional message about humanity, as well as a warning about the dangers of technology and lessons about fake news (which K-netizens in particular should have benefited from). Revenge was the surface, redemption the deeper meaning. We will remember it forever. This story was full of spirituality. I am almost 100% sure that Kim Soon Ok is a believer person.

Hope you didn't mind me updating to you haha."


(end of spoilers)

This drama has everything I crave of, including the revival of the types of villains (apart from the Seven) that people unfortunately consider as too cartoonish and cringeworthy. The main characters are diversified, offering a nuanced experience. The Seven are more or less grey but none of them is purely evil, even if one can be close to black and look like they are (don't get me wrong tho, they ARE evil). Everyone is important, but to give one example, Myung Ji revealed herself crucial to the full appreciation of the drama for being the antithesis when it comes to her kids, considering how negative the parental concept is in this drama. By the end of S1 and with one more detail given in S2, you will feel how sad it is that Myung Ji and the others became this way. However, you cannot just fix your past and change easily. It makes you realize that even people who were initially good, can turn this bad. 7 Escape was my first time seeing a drama full of actual grey protagonists like this. The psychology is the truest and the most sincere aspect of the drama, and so are the morals at the end. You get to *really* know the characters along the way during both seasons, and when you might think you know everything about them, you could be proven wrong... What a journey this has been, unexpectedly.

(rest of the conclusion in the comments section)

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  • Drama: The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection
  • Pays: Corée du Sud
  • Épisodes: 16
  • Diffusé: mars 29, 2024 - mai 18, 2024
  • Diffusé On: Vendredi, Samedi
  • Station de diffusion initiale: SBS
  • Durée: 1 hr. 10 min.
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  • Classé: #4652
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