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Worth every drop of your tears!

I hesitated to watch this because I've read about how sad this is. Now, it is indeed sad, BUT it's also very beautiful and touching!

Most importantly, it's not like it's sad the whole time. There are loving and sweet moments too, just like any couples moments would have. The 1st few episodes are actually very heartwarming, until it starts to crack your heart open, and once the tears floodgate is open..its non stop for me LOL

I'm glad I watched this, it's so beautiful, especially the last scene.

This short story is so well made that it's better than lots of the longer BL series. The use of the monologue is really brilliant, it adds a lot of depth to the show! The lyrics of the OST made me wanna cry everytime it plays in intro, it really relays the emotions of the show!

Once again, JBL did it! There is sth about the order, sequence and timing of each scene that's just so perfectly executed, especially the last episode. It just hits home and gives you a feeling of completion

Like, yes, it's sad, but, I can accept this ending because it's explained well, and most importantly, expressed well by actors too

A must-watch!!

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