both dramas are very similar:
- Family drama
- have many episodes
- the male leads are from rich families
- the lead of "never twice" has a daughter, and the lead of "the real has come" is pregnant
- both male leads have similar personalities (examples: they disagree with many things about their families)

if you liked one drama, you'll love the other one too (I really need more dramas like this)
Recommandé par MinhyukMONSTA
The female leads on both dramas end up single and both have a child . It's also a family drama and has a lot of episodes. The male leads are both part of rich families .
Recommandé par bloonom
Both are makjang with 50 episodes. YTB is from 2013 but it doesn’t seem outdated. Not a lot of screaming but both have grandmothers that are annoying. Most of all it has Jo Jung Suk, IU, and Yoo In Na!
Recommandé par ChessWidow
FL was pregnant bcs of a one night stand with a stranger, both get married bcs getting forced by family members
Recommandé par Zensutji
Crazy family relationships
Battle between siblings
Contract couple
Intrusive and toxic family
Change of mindset for better relationships
Controling grandmother
Recommandé par Lisehapguer
-another long family drama
-annoying grandmother
-pregnancy (though in this drama it is after marriage )
Recommandé par Suzaizai
There are similarities in the family dynamics. I see the drama that's going to unfold with the second lead. Remember that crazy Sara? Well, another greedy second lead is obsessed with her goal of joining a rich family. If you enjoyed the drama in Young Lady and Gentleman, you might want to tune into this drama.
Recommandé par JustRozelyn
Not sure about the similarities however Once Again really is a great drama full of different topics and elements based on relationships, family every slice of life that you could think of. An overwhelming sense to agree or disagree with the characters honestly a fat rewatch.
Recommandé par lov3dayy
Both are long weekend family dramas that deal with intertwining households. Both have a birth secret of sorts (though less important in The Real Has Come). They also focus on adoption and the concept of family. Both are very over the top and they also have relationships that aren't technically incest but get a little close through different family connections. That isn't really a selling point (more of a warning lol), but if you're into one, you'll definitely like the other!
Recommandé par ryn
They both have to get fake married to deal with outside issues
they have in-laws that stress them out
The male lead is very protective when in-laws stress the female lead
interesting side couples
explore society's pressure on women
both living together
Recommandé par thatbitchonline101
Not much as about pregnancy (a side couple does experience unexpected pregnancy and another unfulfilled wish for children) or even has a contract relationship, but the respective children of the leads end up living together as one family after the leads (re)marry each other. So the theme of loving relatives and kids not of your own blood is quite present here too (later on)

Plus the secondary couple Sangmin/Yeontea in here remind me a LOT on the romantic dynamic of the TRHC leads, indeed.

Sangmin = prior playboy, never in a serious relationship till meeting YT, is super head over heels for her and showering her with puppy-like adoration. YT changes his life for the better, makes him rethink all prior beliefs.

Yeontae = school teacher cares a lot about ppl around her, very diplomatic and nice unless she is pushed too far. Feels the need to deal with problems on her own instead to ask for help, doesn't want to be a bother to others. She is way more reserved with her feelings, needs a lot time to get comfortable with any display of or receiving affection. Very set in her way, stubborn once her mind is made up and need a lot of convincing to reconsider something.

Plus they started off disliking each other too, until SM fell first for her and started to woo a very reluctant YT in a very adamant golden retriever fashion like Taekyung did with Yeondoo. So if you love the (romantic) dynamic of the TRHC leads with ML being head over heels and FL more reluctant, you find more of the same goodness in Five Enough's secondary couple and their story trajectory (minus pregnancy angst of course)
Recommandé par bloomingtide
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