Relationship between a ghost and human
Handsome leads
Both are BL
Genres&Tags in common:
G: Romance, Supernatural
Recommandé par TangYang
If you like the series He's Coming to Me (2019), I suggest you watch the film Marry My Dead Body (Movie). The reason is simple, these two films both have main characters who can see ghosts, besides that they are both tied to a love story. Even so, I need to tell you that He's Coming to Me (2019) has a story form that focuses on mystery and the search for an important thing that the main character doesn't know as well as a strong bL romance. In contrast to Marry My Dead Body (Movie) which focuses more on action, suspense, cases.
Recommandé par ppkrist
Male Lead in both dramas see and interact with a supernatural being who other humans can't see/interact with.
Recommandé par DaffodilDaze
Even though it has a different story background, Marry My Dead Body has the same story concept as 7 Days Before Valentine. Where the main character wants to return to his old partner. In MMDB: Mao Bang Yu wanted to visit his old boyfirend, with the help of Wu Ming Han, but unfortunately something unexpected happened. Even though they don't focus on that kind of thing, both are supernatural and the main character communicates with astral beings (spirits) who guide or at least provide good experiences for the other main characters.
Recommandé par ppkrist

In both films, the protagonist can see a ghost-boy and helps him solve a case
Recommandé par alis89
both are supernatural-themed, snappy, fast-paced and have similar styles of dead-pan humour.

both have leads who can communicate with the dead to resolve their last wishes and find out the backstory of their death (in the movie, its only 1 ghost whereas the show has many).

they both begin as comedies that progress wonderfully into sentimental stories that hit you hard (u may cry lmao)

both are bromance-heavy Taiwanese productions and if you like one, you'll defs like the other.
Recommandé par Grand Inquisitor
-Both bls (although DFF is much more explicit)
-Both have elements of ghosts taking revenge/the afterlife
-Both are action and mystery with supernatural elements
Recommandé par _bloom_
Relationship between a ghost and human
Handsome leads
Both are BL
Genres&Tags in common:
G: Romance, Supernatural
Recommandé par TangYang
Both is about two men in which one is a ghost while the other is human .But this is medical drama and a bit more serious but still very funny not a bl kinda thing but has some good bromance
Recommandé par ThapasyaSunil
If you like saaaaaad endings you will love “the shipper”

Pan and Soda, two fujoshi girls like to imagine boy couples getting together. The two that they both like to partner up are two best friends in the school: Way, the cool athlete, and Kim, an outstanding student. Although in truth both know that the whole story is just a fantasy, because Way already has a girlfriend, PhingPhing, which irritates the two girls. One day, after almost causing Way to be expelled, Pan meets Kim, who volunteers to take Pan home, but both have their souls reaped due to an accident by the god of death. After realizing that their time isn't that over, she sends their spirits back into their bodies. When waking up, Pan finds herself in the body of Kim from the mistakes of the god of death. Meanwhile, Kim's soul in Pan's body is still not recovered. The god of death promised to find a solution, but for now Pan has to stay in Kim's body. But being Kim is not easy at all. Even being near Way creates an awkward moment. In addition, the matter is even more difficult. Pan soon learned that Khet her friend in school is the real brother of Kim. This puts her in an even more awkward situation. However, she decides to use this as a chance to make her ship sail. Will Pan successfully get Way and Kim shipped? Or is it all too much for her?

Recommandé par IheartBoo
In both (movie & the series) the main characters are;

1. a police officer/detective
2. the 1st characters „helper that nobody can see“

Both also have: great action scenes with impressive fight-choreographies, a police case with a deep story and a lot of plot-twists, easy-going humor with a character that is the definition of a silly-goofy mood, great character development, a gril-boss character… I can be here forever tbh.

Bad and Crazy is simply Korean, less-gay, 10 hours longer version of this movie
Recommandé par chansdecafcoffee
Ghost-related Bl Drama with a happy ending

Kawin is a live streamer whose passion, due to past trauma, is the challenge of hunting ghosts. He didn't know that he'd come to stay under the same roof as those hunted ghosts when he came to live with relatives in Thailand. He also meets Pluem, a young man who seems to understand his feelings of loss. Together, the two have to confront a truth too difficult to bear.
Recommandé par thatonewhothrives
The Ghost and I Becoming Family (2022) poster



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