Both are focused on the glamorous lifestyle of the fashion insiders. Lots of expensive brand names and fashion parties! While The Fabulous is more centered around friendships, Celebrity is an over the top drama/thriller.
Recommandé par Jeoseung Saja
Both dramas talk about everything related to fashion, luxury and influencing.
Both dramas capture the highs and lows of the fashion industry as well as the role of certain key players in fashion.
The only difference is that the fabulous revolves around four friends trying to make it in the fashion world whereas celebrity revolves around the lives of influencers who'd do anything to be known.
Recommandé par unnie.daph
It doesn't have the same story, but it has the same vibes, with the neon colours and the bright lights. Also, it is about youth and achieving your dreams in the fashion industry
Recommandé par PHope
The vibe is same
Both lead couple had history
Story based on people working behind the scenes
Light dramas
Recommandé par Nimrah Laroush Bhatti
Story concerning young hardworking people and their life in fashion industry, their struggles, youth and friendship. Moreover, both female leads are optimistic, have positive mindset.
Recommandé par PellMell
Both follow the staff behind the curtains working in a fun industry. Both were mostly lighthearted and comedic. Felt they had a similar vibe. If you liked one, give the other a try!
Recommandé par emmam25
both the dramas revolve around the fashion world
both the FL work in the fashion industry whereas both the ML are photographers

Recommandé par RituAlbatross
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