Both main characters live a double life that they keep hidden from their families and in both their families begin to suspect something is wrong.
Recommandé par Patricia
Both Korean movies involve the main lead are skill fighter but wanting to leave the dark side. It shows soft and tough faces of a person. Good acting overall
Recommandé par Chia6
Both female lead were single mom, working women, that was put in a tough situation. They were brave determine to protect their child
Recommandé par Chia6
Both main female leads are tough hitman. They are skill fighters. They love their family and love one. They have to balance their work and family sweet life
Recommandé par Chia6
Very strong female lead. They have to be physical to fight the evil. They fight for justice. They used their skill. They were in dangerous situation. Both were very good movies to watch
Recommandé par Chia6
Both movies about hitman, raised by evil man. Wanting to do good. A hidden or inside councious, feeling of guide. Facing challenges on exit
Recommandé par Chia6
Both female lead were raised by heartless, psycho mam. They stayed and get good at their chores, tasks and duty. However, they also plot to revence
Recommandé par Chia6
A lots of bloody brutal killing. Both movies showing female fighters, female skill tough fights. Revenge, revenge, dangerous duty. Very dark
Recommandé par Chia6
Both has female lead that trained to kill. Skill fighter. Beautiful body and seductive. Both movie has nice story line
Recommandé par Chia6
Both main leD were raised by a man that killed their own father. The man was a ruthless, cruel, strategies, man who pretend to be nice, but using the main leads to do the illegal works
Recommandé par Chia6
Both female lead are assassin. They are both fast, skillful fighters. Famine yet fast and precise. There were both orphan. They were framed. They were beautiful, tough. Fun to watch
Recommandé par Chia6
A parent who juggles family and works as a killer.
Genres: Action, Thriller

Family: Sniper Male Lead

Kill Bok Soon - Assassin Female Lead
Recommandé par Ana
Also a very nice Thriller movie, with lots of action scenes. Has a interesting mentor mentee relationship plot as well.
Recommandé par yegane dadkhah
A teen in both is being raised by a killer/group of killers. It affects their relationship. In Kill Bok Soon a teen doesn't know about them being a killer, In Hwayi: A monster Boy a teen knows and is being raised to be a killer too.
Recommandé par katysa swam
Both are a kmovie about a female killer, the two worked in a violent job and ended up killing everybody. Kill BokSoon has a more complex storyline with other characters, while ballerina has an emotional thing on it.
Recommandé par Mii
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