Both MLs are widower,
Both MLs have 3 kids to take care of,
Both FLs come from poor family
Both FLs help ML in raising/ tutoring MLs kids
Recommandé par Devil
Many many similar tropes; the family, the work, the coincidences, the rich man/poor woman, ...
Same writer, even similar characters names, common actors
The same cliches. You’re going to like the other if you like one
Recommandé par Peephole
First, it's not to be compared in quality, but the storyline. A family full of opportunists and a dad trying to keep his dignity. This family full of opportunists has latched on to one wealthy family. However, two in the family of moochers have a good heart and genuinely want to earn their pay. There is also a dashing Chairman that may have an opportunity to love and build a relationship with his children through the young lady he has taken in as help. This series has 50 episodes.
Recommandé par JustRozelyn
Recommandé par eliza321
We find a romance with age difference where the man is older and it is also the same actor who plays the main lead. The drama also has the same format 50 EPISODES.

Both shows will be appreciated by the same viewers
Recommandé par KAELEEDRAMAG
Fuenglada attends boarding school and his father lives with his new wife Soithong and stepdaughter Soisoun. One day, on his way to see Fuenglada, his father has an accident with Taen's car and dies. Taen is a wealthy widower with one daughter and lives with his brother Tai. Upon learning that Soithong is trying to sell Fuenglada to an old Chinese man, he offers to marry her and thus begins his married life.
Recommandé par AndreaSilva
There’s are a lot of family drama. Leads are widower and have have child/children. There is also a love triangle with second female lead in love with male lead and actively tries to tear them apart.
Recommandé par IOnlySpeakFacts
The female lead in Vengeance of the Bride is also in Young Lady and Gentleman. If you like her acting in either one, I suggest watching the other.
Recommandé par TaytheEgg
MLs are both widowers with 3 children and take life too seriously (dictator boomers lol). Both FLs are living an unfortunate life but remain bubbly and optimistic then became nannies to the 3 children.
Recommandé par Alt Maria Clara
They are both family dramas, with a widower male lead that finds love again, and with some cute kids.
Recommandé par Daniel Garcia
There are similarities in the family dynamics. I see the drama that's going to unfold with the second lead. Remember that crazy Sara? Well, another greedy second lead is obsessed with her goal of joining a rich family. If you enjoyed the drama in Young Lady and Gentleman, you might want to tune into this drama.
Recommandé par JustRozelyn
I initially watched Young Lady and Gentleman bc I thought it would have the same vibes. All I can say is they're somewhat similar, and in my opinion, the only difference is that 12 Years is a lot shorter and with a lot less soap-opera drama.
Recommandé par mari_2004
They are similar in some parts.
The ML is a widower and has kids and is older.
the FL helps with the kids.
Recommandé par Alma
Blow Breeze and Young Lady and Gentleman has the same writer so viewers will experience the same great beginning with a lovely story telling only to be overshadowed and nosedived by ridiculous parents and subplots.

Same style
Recommandé par cocovanne
If you like a CEO that has amnesia more than once in a drama with the female lead and at least a love triangle in the drama then this is the one for you. But "Well Dominated Love" also has a "What's Wrong With Secretary Kim" vibe to it which makes it good.
Recommandé par Noleaffan
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