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  • Pays: China
  • Catégorie: Movie
  • Date de sortie: nov. 7, 2019
  • Durée: 1 hr. 24 min.
  • Score: 7.9 (scored by 3,829 utilisateurs)
  • Classé: #2718
  • Popularité: #1916
  • Classification du contenu: 13+ - Teens 13 or older

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33 personnes ont trouvé cette critique utile
nov. 9, 2019
Complété 0
Globalement 9.5
Histoire 10
Acting/Cast 9.5
Musique 10
Degrés de Re-visionnage 10
Cette critique peut contenir des spoilers
Story - I must give two thumbs up for the screenwriter for not ruining the original storyline.. it's only about Wen Ning and Lan Sizhui's adventure and they didn't change anything major.. the story is pretty enjoyable as I love to watch mystery and adventure ^^ They made many references to The Untamed so we won't be lost and take it as a whole new movie..

Acting / Cast - As always, Yu Bin did a really good job! He is such a wonderful actor.. his acting never failed to amaze me.. I understand the need to change the character.. they can't make a naive and foolish boy as a main character of a mystery movie, right? XDD but I see their effort not to make Wen Ning too out of character.. it's still our Wen Ning who depends and trusts his Young Master Wei the most :""") the other actors aren't bad.. but idk because they changed the director or what, the acting isn't as good as The Untamed (even Zheng Fanxing).. I mean they aren't bad, but if you make The Untamed as comparasion, The Living Dead is a bit of lacking.. so I decided to take away the 0.5 star XD

Music - Since I'm already familiar with Yu Bin's Chi Zi, I enjoy the music very much.. I watched the ending credit until the song ended lol.. and I almost cry when I heard Wu Ji in the scene where Wei Wuxian appeared.. It really give the feeling of nostalgic~ I don't have any problem with the other music.. they are pretty good too..

Rewatch Value - Sure. This is a pretty good movie to kill time.. I will rewatch it when I have free time.. ^^

Overall - I highly recommend this for all The Untamed fans.. but I must take the 0.5 star because it stands behind The Untamed's shadow (and I decided not to give any drama 10 except The Untamed to appreciate the masterpiece X"D)

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Coffee Latte
26 personnes ont trouvé cette critique utile
nov. 25, 2019
Complété 1
Globalement 6.0
Histoire 6.0
Acting/Cast 6.0
Musique 6.0
Degrés de Re-visionnage 2.0
Maybe it’s set a while after Untamed, but Wen Ning acts more mature in the movie than in Untamed. Watching him in the movie was almost like watching a different character. The fight scenes aren’t bad, but reminded me of a superhero action scene in the final. Plot is predictable, and a few things makes it feel as if the producers were just trying to fit everything into the movie. I loved Untamed and Wen Ning in the drama so this was a big disappointment. There was also a cameo that pulled me out of the story since it was obviously not the actual actor, on top of Wen Ning’s character feeling foreign already.

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The Untamed
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  • Movie: The Living Dead
  • Pays: Chine
  • Date de sortie: nov. 7, 2019
  • Durée: 1 hr. 24 min.
  • Classification du contenu: 13+ - Adolescents de 13 ans ou plus


  • Score: 7.9 (marqué par 3,829 utilisateurs)
  • Classé: #2718
  • Popularité: #1916
  • Téléspectateurs: 8,359

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