Both have 4 main hosts of which one is Lee Seung Gi. Little Forest is more relaxed and calming to watch.
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Another variety/reality show with Lee Seung Gi - both are a mix of fun situations and interesting lessons.
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Both shows feature a number of celebrity hosts interacting with guests. Master in the house is more focused on a single guest for most episodes (but sometimes there are several guests).
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Another variety show with celebrity hosts - including Lee Seung Gi. In Master in the House they are all butlers who 'serve' various masters to learn life lessons.
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Both shows give insights into the private lives of famous people. The comedy and life lessons shared are what make both shows hits!
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Celebrity hosts spend 2 days & 1 night with various famous masters to learn life lessons. One of the hosts is Lee Seung Gi.
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Comedian Yang Se Hyung's new variety show that also often challenges the hosts to try new things and go new places.
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