Both are Taiwanese dramas with a male lead whose family owns a famous fancy restaurant. Both have female leads love food, and there is a focus on local/Taiwanese food.
Recommandé par Jorcee
Both dramas are about making food whilst a romance blossoms between them.
Recommandé par AmynaA
I know both dramas' themes are not the same, but somehow the middle part of The Perfect Match really reminds me of Boss & Me. It also contains rich guy with poor girl as the background story... So if you like Boss & Me maybe you could try The Perfect Match. Also the actors are funny & cute too and also very good looking.
Recommandé par HollyWillow
A really great Taiwanese drama about a girl who works at a small shop and dreams of more and a overbearing chef that ends up teaching her some skills in the kitchen. Similar to Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto because in both dramas they find attraction in each other through their mutual love for food and creating perfect artistic dishes.
Recommandé par laurliv
Both are rivals to lovers dramas with great chemistry between the leads. FLs are independent and tough. MLs are arrogant but very sweet to their FLs. Side characters in both dramas have cute storylines as well. Both dramas sweetly portray the leads' commitment to each other and relationship evolution even after they get together.
Recommandé par melomanie
The female leads have similar abilities and personalities. Both are hardworking
The central theme in both dramas is cooking
Recommandé par Kam fran
FL = spunky, hard-working, lower income with a very sophisticated palate
ML = wealthy, award-winning chef with cold exterior
context = decadent and delicious food!!!! lots of flashbacks

differences: much more manipulative scheming in DD and quirky musical number in TPM
Recommandé par bumblethunderbeast
Both about a chef who initially does not get along with a woman. Very food-centric shows. Main characters fall in love while man is teaching woman different recipes.
Recommandé par Jen OC
-Both dramas revolve around food.
-Both main Female lead have this fun and strong personality.
-Both main Female lead need help from the talented Male lead.
-Both dramas have 2 guys fighting for 1 girl (Love Triangle)

DEFENITLY a should watch!
Recommandé par Zam
-older/more mature male lead vs younger female lead
-revolves around cooking
-both of the female leads are chefs
Recommandé par ClareWAN
Both male leads are famous and highly skilled chefs whereas the female leads with strong sense of taste, are cooking at a small foodstall/restaurant trying to accomplish their dream of remaking the taste of their fathers' cooking (Curry for TPM and fried rice for AHOY).
Recommandé par loveanimeever
both related with food and romance/love.
although its kinda diff. in the perfect match the male lead improves the fl cooking and then the opposite for dine with love
Recommandé par linlinn_nnbts
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