Goblin Épisode 1

8.9/10 from 259 users
Dec 02, 2016
Kim Shin used to be a loyal warrior on the battlefield but has now become a goblin. Ji Eun Tak, a young girl who claims to be his bride, keeps calling this immortal goblin and annoys… read more

Goblin Épisode 2

9.2/10 from 211 users
Dec 03, 2016
Eun Tak is happy when her life begins to change for the better, but then finds out Kim Shin has been lying to her. (Source: DramaFever)

Goblin Épisode 3

8.9/10 from 173 users
Dec 09, 2016
Kim Shin pushes Eun Tak on whether she can see something about him that nobody else can, but Eun Tak has other things on her mind. (Source: DramaFever)

Goblin Épisode 4

8.9/10 from 158 users
Dec 10, 2016
Eun Tak tells the goblin that she can see the sword. The goblin now firmly believes that she is his bride. However, the goblin is in a dilemma. He has always wanted to put an end to… read more

Goblin Épisode 5

9.1/10 from 123 users
Dec 16, 2016
Eun Tak finally starts living in Shin’s house alongside the Grim Reaper. In order to talk to Sunny, the Grim Reaper gets a cellphone but struggles to use it. Meanwhile, Shin prepares… read more

Goblin Épisode 6

8.9/10 from 121 users
Dec 17, 2016
Shin sees Eun Tak’s future and decides to have his sword taken out. Upon hearing this, Eun Tak cries in front of him and tells him the unthinkable. Meanwhile, Deok Hwa and the Grim… read more

Goblin Épisode 7

9.0/10 from 109 users
Dec 23, 2016
Shin comes back home alive, and both the Grim Reaper and Deok Hwa are happy to see him. Eun Tak meets her first love, Tae Hee, and Shin becomes jealous. Meanwhile, something unexpected… read more

Goblin Épisode 8

9.2/10 from 99 users
Dec 24, 2016
Due to the pain from the sword, Shin throws Eun Tak across the road and successfully catches her. Upon seeing the woman’s face on the scroll, the Grim Reaper feels hurt and sad,… read more

Goblin Épisode 9

9.3/10 from 99 users
Dec 30, 2016
Eun Tak finally finds out the secret behind the sword and its value. Shin finds out that if he doesn’t die, Eun Tak will have to. Torn, Eun Tak runs away from the house. (Source:… read more

Goblin Épisode 10

9.3/10 from 100 users
Dec 31, 2016
The Grim Reaper finally sees Sunny’s past. He asks Shin about his past life, to which Shin tells him the truth. Eun Tak also overhears everything that Shin says. Meanwhile, the Grim… read more

Goblin Épisode 11

9.1/10 from 90 users
Jan 06, 2017
The goblin finally realises that Sunny is his late sister, Sun. He goes to visit her and she is dazed by his words and actions. Meanwhile, Eun Tak is summoned to die once again, and… read more

Goblin Épisode 12

9.3/10 from 107 users
Jan 07, 2017
Park Joong Won finally shows himself to Eun Tak and Sunny. He plans to bring an end to both the goblin and the grim reaper. Meanwhile, the goblin and the grim reaper have second thoughts… read more

Goblin Épisode 13

9.3/10 from 101 users
Jan 13, 2017
Kim Shin and Wang Yeo finally meet. The Grim Reaper finally comes face to face with his forgotten past and is in pain. Meanwhile, Joong Won slowly reaches out to Sunny and Eun Tak.… read more

Goblin Épisode 14

9.1/10 from 86 users
Jan 14, 2017
Nine years have passed since the goblin drew the sword from his chest and become ashes. Eun Tak has graduated from college and now work as a radio producer. She, along with the others… read more

Goblin Épisode 15

9.2/10 from 85 users
Jan 20, 2017
Shin and Eun Tak meet once again in Canada. As she passes by the places she’s been before with the goblin, her memory comes back to her in bits and pieces. Furthermore, she begins… read more

Goblin Épisode 16

8.9/10 from 125 users
Jan 21, 2017
Eun Tak says, “I do”, and comes back to live with the goblin and the Grim Reaper. Their days are filled with joy and laughter. One day, the Grim Reaper receives name cards for… read more

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