Both young leads in the movie can sing, has unique and talented voice cord
They need the guidance and support
Both are true story.
Beautiful movies.
Unfortunate poor childhood background
Recommandé par Chia6
Suzy in both. She sang in both.
Both she grew up in poverty.
Her singing talent were reviewed, as well as her beauty.

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Both movies involve singing. The song touch the heart of many.
Powerful voice, song tell the story. Song touches hearts.
Historical movie
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Both Korean movies involved art. Poems vs voice (song). Both tell stories. Both captures peoples hearts. Both are true stories
Recommandé par Chia6
Gender bender Historical Romance, both have amazing scenery and romance between a cross dresser and the male lead.
Recommandé par Johnson-Shampoo
Historical, female singer. Both were young. Both sang from their hearts, full of emotion, passion, both struggle with poverty but high on pride.
Recommandé par Chia6
One focused on Pansori & the other on Jeongga, both traditional Korean music art. Each features a strong FL who loves the music & practices to become proficient.
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The Sound of a Flower (2015) poster



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