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TanyalovMusic févr. 12, 2020
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  • New Journey to The West: Season 4

    1. New Journey to The West: Season 4

    Korean TV Show - 2017, 11 episodes


    I have loved (and am sure will love in the future too) all seasons of New Journey to the West. Season 3&4 were the first seasons I saw (together), and am officially a fan of the entire franchise - there's a lot!

  • Kang's Kitchen

    2. Kang's Kitchen

    Korean TV Show - 2017, 6 episodes


    I loved the spin-off even more than the main NJTTW show (if that's possible!). Running a restaurant is tough work and even though the hosts do it temporarily, it does humorously turn slice of life sit-com from time to time :P Again loved all seasons!

  • You Hee Yeol's Sketchbook

    3. You Hee Yeol's Sketchbook

    Korean TV Show - 2009, 600 episodes


    Every episode is like a mini-concert with a talk-show feel to it :) I absolutely love the mix-up of guests that they have every episode, with a general theme of sorts. It is a long-running program for a reason! Some episodes can be found on YouTube.

  • Crime Scene: Season 2

    4. Crime Scene: Season 2

    Korean TV Show - 2015, 12 episodes


    A mockup murder scene, roleplays, mental games and detective skills.. add hilarious interactions amongst the cast, and you have Crime Scene ;D

  • Infinite Challenge

    5. Infinite Challenge

    Korean TV Show - 2005, 616 episodes


    One of Korea's longest running and most iconic variety show, MuDo is a show I grew up with, and learnt from (even though it had its pluses and minuses). Though most famous for its Music Festivals, you can pick up any arc (it has a series of episodes focused on a certain challenge or concept - thus infinite challenges) that interests you. The episodes can be a bit hard to find though, especially pre-Music festival (the classics).

  • 2 Days & 1 Night: Season 1

    6. 2 Days & 1 Night: Season 1

    Korean TV Show - 2007, 232 episodes


    Another classic K-variety show. It has multiple seasons, some mid-season cast changes as well.. and tons of scenic locations and fun camping trips. I have seen episodes on and off for all seasons, and each have their own flavour, thus I dislike comparisons and enjoy each as their own standalone product. The bonus is that all episodes for all seasons are easily available, so one can start wherever :)

  • The Great Escape

    7. The Great Escape

    Korean TV Show - 2018, 13 episodes


    Escape room game format variety show. The twist is that instead of having geniuses, we have a cast full of variety show 'geniuses' (not so skilled at this). It is hilarious to see them struggle one moment to suddenly have a breakthrough the next. Plus, it's in a multi-season format of 12 episodes each, so easy to binge as well.

  • Player 7

    8. Player 7

    Korean TV Show - 2019, 21 episodes


    An amazing selection of cast and situations! This show will have you in stitches :) Also, the low episode count (compared to more established and older variety shows) helps make it not so daunting to pick up and binge.

  • Running Man

    9. Running Man

    Korean TV Show - 2010, 740 episodes


    Every international fans introduction to K-variety :D I have watched Running Man from first episode, skipped a little in the middle, and then on and off, depending on mood or guest. The best part is there's something for everyone as there are so many many episodes. If nothing, atleast you can watch an episode where your favourite actors/actresses/idols guest.

  • Knowing Bros

    10. Knowing Bros

    Korean TV Show - 2015, 460 episodes


    Another staple of international fans.. Knowing Bros solidified itself in ratings after the Heroine Six style school concept. The episodes can be a bit hit or miss.. but similar to Running Man, you can pick and watch the episodes you want according to guests (I recommend guests who have had a long history with the cast, the interactions are so naturally funny).

  • Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend

    11. Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend

    Korean TV Show - 2011, 690 episodes


    I have discovered some amazing Korean singers (contestants and judges) from this show. Honestly, the part that I love the most, even more than the songs are the waiting room interactions. Any episode can be picked up, and you at least will find a few songs and singers worth the watch.

  • Hyori's Bed And Breakfast

    12. Hyori's Bed And Breakfast

    Korean TV Show - 2017, 14 episodes


    The beautiful scenery of Jeju Island made me start saving up for a retirement home already :P I liked the guests and the stories that they brought as much as I loved the hosts. Surprisingly, my favourite part was IU and Hyori's interactions which even though in front of the camera felt very heartfelt.

  • Youth Over Flowers: Peru

    13. Youth Over Flowers: Peru

    Korean TV Show - 2014, 6 episodes


    My favourite amongst all Over Flowers series. (There's a lot - Grandpa, Noona, multiple Youth versions). I liked and could feel the long term friendship of the composers and enjoyed their natural leisure travel in Peru.

  • The Return of Superman

    14. The Return of Superman

    Korean TV Show - 2013, 560 episodes


    I started watching because of Tablo & Haru (Epik High fan), but obviously it's kids so they are all adorable little things (especially since some are soo young, you see them grow up) . You can watch short clips on YT, if not full episodes and that will suffice as well. Though I'm not sure how healthy it is for children of celebrities to be exposed on television like this, but that's a decision for the concerned parents to take.

  • Village Survival, the Eight

    15. Village Survival, the Eight

    Korean TV Show - 2018, 6 episodes


    This show is like a modern remake of Family Outing (a show I grew up with) with more games, and no guests, plus season format. It was fun to see the cast interact and try to outsmart each other. The hints were well-placed and thought out. What makes it memorable amongst a plethora of variety shows, is cast interaction.

  • Mystère résolu!

    16. Mystère résolu!

    Korean TV Show - 2018, 10 episodes


    First Netflix K-variety. The cast is stellar, a line-up that only Netflix can afford (including cameos). One of the top reasons I kept binge-watching was for the cameos (who'll pop up next..) The format had people confused and a bit hard for some to overcome, or digest; but worked for me. It's not a typical K-variety or game show like Genius or Crime Scene, but more of a Drama variety hybrid. The plot is scripted but interactions and reactions come in the flow.. kind of like what I imagine a Drama along with BTS filming would feel like if serious scenes had NG.

  • It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blankets

    17. It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blankets

    Korean TV Show - 2018, 10 episodes


    Targeted towards a younger audience with idols and young actors, it's still an adorable watch. Speaks to my soul, being an introvert myself :D

  • Hit the Stage

    18. Hit the Stage

    Korean TV Show - 2016, 10 episodes


    K-pop has a ton of amazing dancers, and K-hip hop scene is doing well; so I'm always surprised that there are not enough dance variety shows in Korea, while a million singing shows exist. I love Hit the Stage because it was the first K-dance show I saw.

  • Super TV: Season 2

    19. Super TV: Season 2

    Korean TV Show - 2018, 12 episodes


    I did not include any Idol-specific variety shows, but Super TV was hilarious, and had guests like a variety show; reminded me of Shinhwa Broadcast (their episode with Super Junior as guest had both sides almost co-hosting ;P).

  • Queendom

    20. Queendom

    Korean TV Show - 2019, 10 episodes


    Though there are multiple things that could have been better or different about this show, the entire run was enjoyable. What stood out was the friendly atmosphere of all the girl groups, who are usually not in the limelight as much as boy groups in Kpop.

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